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As an experienced fundraising professional, results matter to me. I can give you the coaching, tools, and support you need to raise more money, not expenses.

Simply create a DonorPath profile, tell me a little about your organization and we can get started on your 12-month fundraising plan. Your first session is free, with no obligation.

How DonorPath Works

DonorPath remotely syncs your donor information from any data source to create a dashboard.

Using the dashboard we can see immediate fundraising opportunities, set goals and create your 12-month fundraising plan.

I’ll virtually meet with you for 30 minutes, twice a month and between sessions we can use the dashboard to send messages, share feedback and documents.

Why DonorPath?

I use DonorPath to measure what matters and create tailored fundraising plans for my clients. Their data team can set you up your dashboard, no matter whether your information is spreadsheets, accounting software or a fundraising platform like Raiser's Edge or DonorPerfect.

From the dashboard we can easily keep track of fundraising activities within our 12-month plan, see progress and get results.

Other features

With the insights we get from your dashboard, I can provide you with more tools needed to take your fundraising activities and results to the next level.

  • Downloadable Reports
  • Automated Insights
  • Fundraising Library
  • Performance Labs

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